A CIG Response to the Killing of George Floyd and Racism

The recent death of George Floyd was unjust, inhumane, and heart-breaking to view. His death has resurfaced memories of past hurts and injustices, fears about the future, and anger about long-standing injustices against black people around the world. The Christian faith teaches that God created humanity in his own image and that every individual is precious to Him and should be shown the dignity and respect which flows from that. Any manifestation of racism is

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PSALM 46 and our National Conference

As we enter the second month of Covid lockdown, it is deeply poignant to think that only two months ago, we were gathering for our National Conference.  Looking back, we can see how spot-on the messages were – starting with the initial message…. It is perhaps prophetic that at the very start of the conference, our first speaker spoke about the importance of going first to the Lord for His assistance in hard times.  It

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Christian Persecution: Lent Challenge!

For each day of Lent 2019, the then Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt wrote a personal letter to persecuted Christians around the world. For the Christians who received these letters, many of whom had family members in prison for their faith or had experienced horrific violence at the hands of their persecutors, this was a small yet extremely encouraging act of support. In fact, you can see just how encouraging this was for Esther in Northern Nigeria

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God’s Smuggler

Announcing Open Door’s as CIG’s Charity of the Year 2020 Sixty years ago, in the dark days of the Cold War and the rise of Communism, a young Dutchman, now known as Brother Andrew, was inspired to smuggle Bibles to persecuted Christians in Communist Eastern Europe. Over decades, Brother Andrew risked his life smuggling Bibles across dangerous borders, first in his trusty Volkswagen beetle, then later in trucks, lorries – whatever it took to reach

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Thanking CAP

During 2019, CIG has been proud to have UK debt relief charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP) our charity of the year. Over the last year this has included CAP’s founder John Kirkby speaking at our Easter service, the opportunity to take part in the CAP Money budgeting course, hear from CAP staff at department events. Through this partnership over £2,500 has been raised for CAP. Alex Jones, CAP’s Head of Donor Development said: ‘We are

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Revd Jonathan Aitken to be CIG’s Honorary Chaplain

Christians in Government (CIG) are delighted to announce that Reverend Jonathan Aitken is to be our Honorary Chaplain. Jonathan has been a good friend to CIG and is willing to make himself available to members of CIG who feel in need of pastoral support from a chaplain in spiritual or personal matters. The initial focus of his chaplaincy will be on supporting Senior Civil Servants but Jonathan will try to help any CIG member who

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