UK National Government Christian Networks

CIG represents Christians working in national government service across the country. Affiliated departments and organisations include those listed below. Christians in other departments are welcome to join us – just contact us, to be put in contact with any of these networks.

Find Your Network Here:

Defra staff in Westminster are based in both 2 Marsham Street and Nobel House. We aim to meet every Wednesday lunch time at Defra HQ in Nobel House. Our activities usually include bible studies/discussion/prayer and we occasionally have external speakers, typically from Christian non-governmental organisations with links to Defra’s work.

Defra has a number of offices around the country, notably York and Bristol amongst others. There are no formal meetings as such at these sites but do contact us if you would like to connect with other Christians. We advertise via a departmental intranet page, posters round the building in designated points, and also in the Department’s bulletin. For more information contact For Animal Health/VLA, please see separate entry.

Christians in MoJ is a non-denominational network of Christians working in the Ministry of Justice (including associated agencies and arms-length bodies) and seeking to bring the blessings of God for the benefit of all. We are inspired to be strong and not give up (2 Chron 15:7) but to keep encouraging each other (Heb 10:25). Whether you are a Christian or not, we’d love you to sign-up to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on upcoming opportunities.

Our mission is to:
‣ Connect Christians (and others wanting to know more) within the Ministry of Justice

‣ Equip, encourage and empower one another; and

‣ Inspire a Christian perspective including by representing the interests of Christians working in the Ministry of Justice

Our key priorities are to:

‣ Facilitate the connecting of Christians (and others wanting to know more) through electronic media and events

‣ Support the Ministry of Justice and each other in prayer and through sharing

‣ Equip and empower one another e.g. by exploring relevant topics from a biblical perspective

‣ Bring a Christian perspective into policy making, including diversity and inclusion issues

‣ Provide learning opportunities about the Christian faith and its historical and contemporary relevance to MoJ business

‣ Collaborate with Christians in Government UK (the cross Government Christian network) and other networks to benefit from cross-government and cross-network opportunities

We undertake a variety of events including weekly prayer and share meetings, coffee roulette and webinars on pertinent topics. We also produce a monthly prayer guide and have an (email) rapid response prayer team ready to pray about any urgent issues that arise.

To become a full or associate member, please complete the membership registration form.  This also enables you to receive weekly emails.

Who we are 

The DIT Christian Network (DIT CN) is a network of Christians working in DIT in the UK and overseas. We sit under the Christians in Government umbrella, which supports Christian networks in UK national government to serve Ministers and the public.

Our vision

  • To grow in our faith and strengthen others to grow in their faith;
  • To positively engage with DIT in a loving and impactful way, and contribute to building a community in which everyone is supported and valued;
  • We want to support DIT to achieve its mission through highlighting that the Christian principles of truth, love, grace, justice and diligence can underpin the DIT Spirit.

Aims and objectives

  • Provide Christians in DIT with a space to come together in fellowship and exchange views on development.
  • Support the attainment of DIT’s vision through community and prayer.
  • Support staff in the workplace.
  • Demonstrate through our engagement with others the principles of love, truth, mercy, diligence and justice and to put these into practice through our work on international trade.
  • To engage with other faith groups and Networks within DIT to promote respect and mutual understanding.
  • To represent concerns about being a Christian in DIT to relevant diversity leads.

What we do: 

  1. Our meetings: DIT’s Christian Network meets on Mondays from 1300 to 1345 for a Bible study, and we also have a weekly prayer meeting on Wednesdays from 0900-0930 where we pray for one another, for our department and for our colleagues. Our meetings are aimed at building relationships, supporting each other in the workplace, and in our faith. All our meetings take place virtually via Microsoft Teams. 
  2. Engagement with DIT and external organisations: we are actively seeking to engage with DIT via blogs and events. We are grateful for the support of other Christian groups involved in Westminster, such as Christians in Government, Prayer for Parliament. 
  3. How our faith supports our work in DIT: we see doing our job well as a reflection of our faith. As love, truth, mercy, diligence and justice are at the heart of the Christian faith, this provides strong motivation for us as individuals to work at DIT.  We also hope that ‘how’ we do our jobs can be influenced by our faith, in terms of qualities such as honour for our colleagues, and excellence and integrity in our work. 
  4. CiG also host events and meetings throughout the year such as the Carol Service and prayer meetings in Westminster Central Hall.
  5. Please let us know if you would like to be added to the mailing list for both these events, and if you would like to find out more information about CiG.


DIT Christian Network Steering Board Members: 

Daniel Owusu Acheampong –

Rollo Hope –

Hannah Lamont –

Eugene O’Brien –

Graham Ziegner –

Amy Tsang –

Flavio Guaratto –

Yewande Oluseye –


Other useful information

Search Christian Network in DIT Workspace for more information.

CIG (Christians in Government)

Christians in Parliament

Transform Work UK:

The Defence Christian Network (DCN) is a unified, multi-denominational Christian Network for both military personnel and MOD Civil Servants. Its mission is to ‘Connect, support and inspire Christians across Defence, make a Christian contribution to D&I and Whole Force wellbeing and support MOD engagement with Christians in wider society.’

To contact the DCN, join our network or receive periodic updates, please email

Our website, which includes links to our social media platforms, is at:

DfE meets online through Microsoft Teams each Wednesday lunchtime, and also runs a weekly mailing. To receive an invite to join the meetings and receive more info regarding this network, please email:

To receive more information on the CIG network at DWP, please send an email to .

Dept Christian Reps you can contact:

Mike W–

Hannah P –

Will W –

Mark B –

The GOGGS Christian Fellowship is a vibrant and diverse group of Christians from different denominations and backgrounds who meet weekly to explore the Christian faith. We are a multi-Departmental group, with over 150 members from all Departments who work in the GOGGS building (1 Horse Guards Road and 100 Parliament Street). We hold two weekly meetings; a prayer meeting on Tuesdays, and a Fellowship meeting on Thursday lunchtimes during term-time which has a varied programme including Bible studies, outreach events, prayer, speakers and socials.

If you work in either 1 Horse Guards Road, or 100 Parliament Street and are interested in joining the GOGGS Christian Fellowship, please email

A group meets in headquarters in Bootle, just north of Liverpool, weekly at lunchtimes. Local staff from Sefton Council and the Office for Nuclear Regulation also attend and our activities are mostly Bible study/prayer. This group can be used as a central contact point for HSE or ONR as a whole although we currently have no coordinated activity across geographical locations. We have previously run Alpha in the workplace 5 times. We advertise via an intranet page and have used the notices monitor at the building entrances for special events.

Christian Network groups currently meet regularly in both Victoria Quay and St Andrew’s House to study the Bible and pray. You are very welcome to join us, whatever denomination you are from or even if you are just curious.

If you would like to join us, please get in touch with one of us to find out more.

Victoria Quay

St Andrew’s House