National Conference – North

Christians in Government’s first national conference in the north of England was held in Leeds. It was a great opportunity to network and also to give space to considering how we are doing and what the Lord is calling us to do going forwards. The first speaker was Ben Assifuah, the co-leader of the Quarry House Christian group in Leeds who called us to sacrifice ourselves to accomplish God’s purposes, whether that means sleep, television or whatever may be hindering us from doing what is most necessary. He also spoke of the need for wisdom and encouraged us not to miss the opportunity to be the candle in the dark wherever we are.

The second speaker, Michael Romagnoli, who has just left the NHS was interviewed by Tim Wightman and explained how workplace ministry had been crucial in his becoming a Christian. He spoke of how the Lord had guided him in major career decisions and how he had started a workplace group, meeting other Christians after praying to be connected to them. This group was outward focused in addition to having fellowship. One example of this involved the group giving out pancakes on shove Tuesday along with literature about why Christians celebrate Easter. Another involved an Easter buffet and quiz, accompanied by a gospel video.

After having lunch together, Dr John Davy who is now retired, encouraged us to use the gifts God has given us where we are, and not to be waiting for something else to come up such as a church position or being a missionary in China. While Eric Liddell later became a missionary, it was because he ran quickly that he had such influence. The church is important but also the whole world is for His glory!

John emphasized the importance of us having a vision (as this is needed to be fruitful for God long term) and took the opportunity to thank us for the important work we are doing, noting that it’s only when something goes wrong that the civil service comes to the forefront and we don’t often get thanked when things are running smoothly.  He concluded by speaking about events in the life of Daniel, and highlighting three p’s;  purity, prayer and power. Daniel resolved to be pure (a pre-requisite for Godly influence), he prayed 3 times daily, and he saw God’s power work to favour him in difficult situations.

We finished the day by discussing how we could be more of a positive influence and then each made a pledge about some action we will take over the next year.

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