Christian Persecution: Lent Challenge!

For each day of Lent 2019, the then Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt wrote a personal letter to persecuted Christians around the world. For the Christians who received these letters, many of whom had family members in prison for their faith or had experienced horrific violence at the hands of their persecutors, this was a small yet extremely encouraging act of support. In fact, you can see just how encouraging this was for Esther in Northern Nigeria in this video:

As we approach lent 2020 (26 Feb – 9 April) it would be wonderful if Christians in Government members could play their part in bringing hope to persecuted believers across the world by writing to persecuted believers.  We would like to commit to praying for persecuted Christians across our network.  For Open Doors, prayer guides, please click here.

And why not write to Rikya and Mary Andimi in northern Nigeria to tell them how you are standing with them during Lent? All the information you need for writing and sending your letter can be found in the links.

When you send your letter to Open Doors’ office for the staff their to safely pass the letters on to Rikiya and Mary Andimi, please include in the envelope a note that you are a member of Christians in Government. This way, Open Doors will know how many CiG members have taken part. Wouldn’t it be amazing if CIG members could together send a letter for each of the 40 days of Lent?  If you would prefer to send a digital message to a persecuted Christian you can also do this here and let know.

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