Announcing Open Door’s as CIG’s Charity of the Year 2020 Sixty years ago, in the dark days of the Cold War and the rise of Communism, a young Dutchman, now known as Brother Andrew, was inspired to smuggle Bibles to persecuted Christians in Communist Eastern Europe. Over decades, Brother Andrew risked his life smuggling Bibles across dangerous borders, first in his trusty Volkswagen beetle, then later in trucks, lorries – whatever it took to reach
During 2019, CIG has been proud to have UK debt relief charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP) our charity of the year. Over the last year this has included CAP’s founder John Kirkby speaking at our Easter service, the opportunity to take part in the CAP Money budgeting course, hear from CAP staff at department events. Through this partnership over £2,500 has been raised for CAP. Alex Jones, CAP’s Head of Donor Development said: ‘We are
Christians in Government (CIG) are delighted to announce that Reverend Jonathan Aitken is to be our Honorary Chaplain. Jonathan has been a good friend to CIG and is willing to make himself available to members of CIG who feel in need of pastoral support from a chaplain in spiritual or personal matters. The initial focus of his chaplaincy will be on supporting Senior Civil Servants but Jonathan will try to help any CIG member who
An invitation to pray for our nation, 1pm, Thursday 31 October, Parliament Square Christians in Government have recently been contacted by William, whose story has inspired us. Three weeks ago, William was troubled by the recent turmoil and anger surrounding political events, when he had a vision. The vision was of angry people outside and inside Parliament, but behind it was someone walking with a cross, which seemed to change the spiritual atmosphere. So William
Over the years Christians have responded to Christ’s call to visit those in prison (Matthew 25 verses 31-46). Reformers such as John Howard and Elizabeth Fry did much to alleviate the appalling prison conditions in the 18th and 19th centuries. Christians influenced 19th century prison legislation which provided for individual cells instead of dormitories and for the appointment of three members of staff – governor, doctor and chaplain. A more recent initiative is Prisons Week

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  1. Mark Chambers

    I’ve been praying and supporting the work of Open Doors for some years and I’m delighted to see they’ve been chosen as CIGs charity of the year. I pray it inspires us to appreciate and defend the Christian freedoms we enjoy in this nation and work and pray for the liberty and perseverance for our suffering brothers and sisters around the world.

  2. Baileecet

    Hello to all
    In this difficult continuously, I proclivity you all
    Rise your one’s nearest and friends

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