A Man Walking With A Cross

An invitation to pray for our nation, 1pm, Thursday 31 October, Parliament Square

Christians in Government have recently been contacted by William, whose story has inspired us. Three weeks ago, William was troubled by the recent turmoil and anger surrounding political events, when he had a vision. The vision was of angry people outside and inside Parliament, but behind it was someone walking with a cross, which seemed to change the spiritual atmosphere. So William decided to do a 12-day prayer walk carrying a 9-foot cross from Stoke on Trent to Westminster. His vision is for this to be a prayer walk of hope and peace for the nation. 

William’s prayer walk is due to end at Parliament Square, 1pm on Thursday 31 October. He has extended a warm invitation to us to join him then to pray for the peace of the United Kingdom. To check out his daily v-logs here:

Christians in Government is committed to pray for the UK and government, and we hope you will join us in this! 

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